Pondview Apartments Policies

Pondview Apartments has developed basic policies for the convenience and comfort of all of our residents.


Monday – Thursday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Saturday: By appointment only
The office phone number is 651-770-5877

MAINTENANCE REQUESTS                                         

If you have a request for maintenance, please stop in the office, log in to your resident portal or call 651-770-5877.  After you call or come in, a maintenance request will be written up and given to the maintenance person.  Your request for maintenance must come through the office.   Please do not ask the maintenance technician directly.  Except in an emergency situation, the maintenance person must have a service request to enter your apartment.  Ordinarily, service requests will be taken care of within 24 hours and, of course, we will attend to any emergency immediately.


When calling the office after hours, you will hear a recorded message.  Please stay on the line.  It will give you further instructions which will lead you to the proper personnel in the event of an emergency.  If your request is not an emergency, please leave a message.  The after hours number can be reached directly by calling 651-587-9257.

  1. No heat
  2. Natural disaster – Call 911!
  3. Fire – Call 911!
  4. Clogged toilet (in a 1-bath apartment only)
  5. Plumbing leaks
  6. Lockouts (there will be a $30.00 charge for this service)
  7. Noise Complaints


Rent is due on the first of each month and payable to Pondview Apartments.  Please include your building and apartment number on the face of your check or money order.  If the office is closed, please leave your payment in the dropbox.  (There is one located in each building).  If you go on vacation or are away for any reason, please mail your payment to the Rental Office as we do not hold checks for future payment. Rent checks are deposited immediately. We cannot accept cash payments for any reason. Please pay by personal check, money order, cashier’s check or log in to your resident portal.  We do not accept partial payment of rent, (with the exception of rent voucher recipients), without a written late payment agreement.  The written agreement must be signed by all leaseholders and turned in to the office before any partial payment will be accepted.  Late fees for rent payments (including partial payments) turned in after the 5th of the month will still apply.


Rent is considered delinquent after the 5th of the month.  After this day, a late fee will be charged of $40.00.


If a check is returned to us NSF (non-sufficient funds), there will be a $30.00 charge.  If rent is also delinquent, all late fees will apply.  We may request that future rent payments be in the form of a Cashier’s Check or Money Order.


Pondview’s management will send you a lease renewal letter near the end of your lease term. This letter will outline your renewal options. Simply fill in the form and return it to the office to continue your lease. If you are unable to renew, per your signed lease agreement, Pondview requires a 60 day (two full calendar months) written notice if you do not want to continue your lease after the initial lease term. Notice is always due by the last day of the month. For example: If you wish to move on June 30th, you must have turned in your notice by April 30th. Late notices will not be accepted.

Pondview does have a lease break/re-rental policy. Please contact the office if you have questions about this policy.


In the event you find yourself locked out of your apartment during regular business hours, please come to the office and we will unlock your apartment.  If a lockout occurs after regular business hours, please call the after-hours number at 651-587-9257.  There will be a $30.00 fee for any lockouts.


You may pick up the keys to your apartment on the day you are scheduled to move in.  Special locks are not permitted and cannot be installed on any door.   The charges are as follows:

  •     Apartment Key: $25.00 per key
  •     Entry Key: $50.00 per key
  •     Mailbox Key: $25.00 per key
  •     Storage/Pool Key: $35.00 per key
  •     Garage Door Opener: $50.00 per opener


No adult may reside at Pondview Apartments without having undergone a Criminal/Rental/Credit check and received management approval.  Please contact the office for fee information.


Please courteously let your neighbors know if they are disturbing you. Banging on the ceiling or pounding on the floor is not an effective or acceptable means of communication; it only serves to escalate the situation. If you don’t feel comfortable talking directly with your neighbor, or if the problem persists, notify management or the on-call caretaker. Please do not hesitate to call any matter the time of day. It is very important for management or caretakers to verify disturbing noise levels, so it can be documented properly in resident files.

If your neighbors ask you to reduce noise levels, please cooperate. Some common issues are loud bass on a stereo, surround sound system, or computer, and alarm clocks that are not turned off promptly. Remember, we all have a responsibility to maintain a peaceful environment at Pondview.


Pondview Apartments does allow certain pets with management permission.  In order to have a pet in your home, each resident must sign and agree to Pondview Apartments Pet Addendum.  If you have a service animal, please contact the office for additional information.

The pet deposit is $250 and is refundable.  The pet fee is $250 and is non-refundable.  

The following lists the requirements for specific animals.  Please contact the management office for information regarding animals not listed.

  • Amphibians (turtles, frogs) lizards – allowed.  Must be caged. No pet deposit or fee required.  Limit of two.
  • Birds – allowed.  Must be caged. No pet deposit or fee required.  Limit of two.
  • Cats – allowed.  Proof of vaccination required.  Up to two cats will be allowed with a $250 pet deposit and a $250 pet fee.  Limit of two.  Pet Addendum required.
  • Chinchillas – allowed.  Must be caged. Proof of vaccination required.  Up to two chinchillas will be allowed with a $250 pet deposit and $250 pet fee.  Limit of two.  Pet Addendum required.
  • Dogs – allowed.  Proof of vaccination required.  Up to two pets (limit of one dog) will be allowed with a $250 deposit and a $250 pet fee.  $20 monthly dog rent.  Pet Addendum required.
    • Breed Restrictions – Rottweiller, Pitbull, Chow, Doberman, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Bull Terrier, German Shepard, Mastiff, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and Bulldog.
    • Weight Restrictions – Not to exceed 60 pounds.
  • Ferrets – not allowed.
  • Fish – allowed.  If the resident has a tank over 10 gallons, proof of renter’s insurance is required at the time of move-in.
  • Gerbils/Hamsters/Rats/Mice – allowed.  Must be caged.  No pet deposit or fee required.  Limit of two.
  • Guinea Pigs – allowed.  Must be caged.  Proof of vaccination required.  Up to two guinea pigs will be allowed with a $250 pet deposit and a $250 pet fee.  Pet Addendum required.  
  • Rabbits – allowed.  Must be caged.  Proof of vaccination required. 



Residents are responsible for the payment of all-electric power used.  Payments are to be made directly to XCEL Energy.  Call 1-800-895-4999 to arrange for service.


Please inform the office of your telephone number so that we can program the telephone entry system to your phone line.  Numbers with 651 area codes are the only codes that can be programmed for your telephone entry system.  This number will not be disclosed to others.  When company comes to visit, press ‘6’ on your touch-tone phone and the front door will unlock for your guests.


Cable TV and/or Internet service are available.  Residents desiring these services should contact the provider of their choosing.  Qwest and Comcast all provide cable and internet services to Pondview Apartments.  Payments for this service are to be made to the provider by the resident.                                      


Residents may install a satellite dish with management approval having met the following terms and conditions:

  • Resident may install a mini-dish smaller than one meter.  The dish must be placed (using a clamp, for example, not permanently affixed) inside the tenant's dwelling or in an area outside the tenant's dwelling (balcony) of which the tenant has exclusive use under lease.
  • Resident may not install the dish on the roof, exterior wall, window, windowsill, balcony railings or common areas. The dish or antenna may not protrude beyond the vertical or horizontal space that is leased to the resident; the dish must be recessed far enough into the balcony or patio so it does not extend over the railing.
  • Resident agrees to pay for all costs to install and maintain the dish.
  • Resident will be responsible for any/all damages, expenses, etc. resulting from utilizing the dish and it will be his/her responsibility and he/she will be charged for replacement/repair upon move out.
  • Resident agrees that he/she will be responsible for the cost of returning the apartment to original condition upon move out.



Light bulbs will be furnished when you arrive.  Residents are responsible for replacing burned out bulbs in their own homes.  Please call the office if assistance is needed for installing replacement bulbs.  Please use the wattage recommended for each fixture.


The circuit-breaker box is located in the front entry hall.  To reset circuit breakers, push the switch to “ON” if it is off. If this action does not correct the problem, please call Xcel Energy directly as this may indicate a problem with service to your apartment.


Your bathroom outlet was installed using a device called a GFI (ground-fault interrupter) and is a safety feature.  If, for example, an electric razor, hairdryer or radio you are using drops into the sink, the electric current to the outlet would be immediately shut off, thereby eliminating any danger of shock.  In two bathroom apartment homes, both bathrooms are protected by one GFI.  The GFI will be located in one of the bathrooms. Before resetting the circuit breaker, first remove the appliance and unplug it.  Then to reset, the switch in the circuit-breaker box must be flipped to “ON”.  Then press the reset button on the outlet itself.  We recommend you do not use that appliance again until you have it serviced and/or repaired by an authorized repair shop. You should not depend upon this feature to prevent injury.  Please use care when handling electric appliances.


Your appliances should be cleaned regularly.   Clean the outside of the stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave with non-abrasive cleaning materials.  The filter in the range hood should also be cleaned regularly.


Please do not use the countertops for cutting boards or hot plates.  Use non-abrasive cleaning materials.  You will be responsible for any damage to repair or replace countertops.


The kitchen floor is made of vinyl.  We recommend the use of an easily strippable wax or a no-wax cleaner.  Please do not use mats or rugs with a rubber backing.  The rubber causes marks on the vinyl or yellowing that cannot be removed and could be charged to you for repair or replacement.


We need your cooperation to keep all public areas as clean as possible.  Please place all garbage in plastic bags and tie them shut before depositing them in the trash chute.  Do not leave garbage or trash items in the trash room, the hallway, or your balcony/patio.  All cartons and boxes are to be crushed before disposal.


In order to keep air conditioners running efficiently, please clean filters periodically.  Use only soft brushes to clean.  They can be sprayed with cleaner and run under hot water.  Be sure the filter is dry before reinserting it into the unit.


All walls have been painted a neutral color that should coordinate with any color scheme. You must obtain prior permission from the Community Manager to do any painting or hanging of wallpaper. Bathrooms and kitchens must remain the original color and cannot be painted. Mirror tiles or any adhesive-backed stickers are prohibited since it can be costly to remove them and they damage the wall surface. You are responsible for the cost of repairing the damage.

Contact Paper is not permitted inside kitchen or bathroom cabinets or walls as the sticky surface attracts pests and can damage the cabinetry.  We suggest a reusable, washable shelf liner.  Rubbermaid makes a very good, inexpensive liner that comes in a variety of colors and designs.

All windows have been installed with blinds.  Any additional window treatments must show white from the outside.


The appearance of your balcony should be as important as the inside of your apartment.  Nothing should be hung over the railing or suspended on any “drying line”.  This includes but is not limited to rugs, laundry, towels, etc.  Heavy objects should not be stored on the balcony.  Furniture should be outdoor furniture only.  In compliance with the Maplewood Fire Department, grills are not permitted on balconies.  Electric grills are allowed; however please remember to unplug them when not in use.  Please do not glue down any rug or carpeting on the balcony floor.  This traps moisture and tends to rot the wood.  If you have questions as to what is allowed on the balconies, please stop by the office.  Items not permitted on the balconies and patios are, but not limited to:  Garbage or large garbage containers, refuse (including plants that are dead), exercise equipment, large toys, strollers, bicycles and building materials.  Please contact the office for additional storage for the above items if needed.


The Maplewood City Code restricts what residents can store outside on residential property. The city prohibits the outside storage of items such as pails, barrels, lumber, scrap wood, rubble, recyclable materials, vehicle parts, inoperable machinery, equipment parts, brush, pipes, scrap metal, appliances, household furniture, building materials, junk and similar items. You are also not allowed to accumulate any refuse, garbage, litter, yard wastes, animal feces or hazardous wastes on your property. (City Code Ch. 18)

When on your balcony, remember that anything that falls through the boards on your balcony will end up on the balcony below and no one enjoys cleaning up after someone else’s mess.

And finally, all decorations and personal effects are to remain within the confines of your deck or patio.


Any solid matter that you put down the toilet has the potential to cause blockages in both the public sewer and your own private drain.  To eliminate this from happening, please use the toilet for the disposal of human waste materials only.  In order to prevent blockages, please refrain from putting the following items down your toilet:

  • Tampons
  • Sanitary Towels (baby wipes)
  • Food Waste
  • Oils or grease
  • Condoms
  • Bags
  • Cellophane wrappings
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Disposable toilet cleaning pads

In the event that your toilet is plugged, turn off the water immediately.  Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with the water shut off valve on your toilet.  It should be located right behind the toilet and looks like a regular faucet knob.  Follow these steps to clear the problem prior to calling the office for maintenance:

  1. Flush only once.  It it’s not flushing the first time, don’t flush again.  This will cause more water to be pumped into the toilet bowl.  If you let the water in the bowl sit for a while, it will usually drain at least a little bit, although it may be very slow.
  2. Make sure the water supply to the toilet is off.   This will prevent the bathroom from flooding.
  3. Find a plunger.  Insert the plunger into the bowl and press down firmly but slowly the first time making sure you’re covering the hole completely.  The plunger should be submerged in water to be effective.  It is important to be pushing and pulling with water and not air.  Add water to the bowl if necessary.  Sharply pull up on the plunger to create suction in the drain then push in to create pressure.  It is the suction then the pressure rocking back and forth that disturbs the clog and will gradually cause it to be loosened.
  4. When the water seems to drain okay, turn on the water to the toilet to make sure it’s working properly and to flush any remaining debris into the sewer.

Most drain cleaners available in retail stores for home use are not appropriate for toilets.  DO NOT USE DRAIN CLEANERS IN THE TOILETS OR THE DRAINS.  CALL THE OFFICE AND PLACE A WORK ORDER IF YOUR TOILET REMAINS CLOGGED AFTER COMPLETING THE AFOREMENTIONED STEPS.  If the clog happens after office hours and you have only one toilet, call the on-call caretaker for assistance.


Sluggish drains can be an agitating problem.  Taking a few precautions when using sinks or tubs can keep the problem from occurring.  Do not pour grease down drains; pour liquid grease from cooking into an empty tin can and set in the refrigerator until solidified; put the can into a plastic bag closing tightly, wrap in newspaper and put into the trash.  In sinks or tubs where hair is washed, use a plastic or metal “hair catcher” to catch hair before it gets into the drain.  Call the office if you wish to have these installed.  To keep drains clear, flush daily with scalding water.  To avoid burns from boiling water, hold water container close to drain and pour slowly and directly into the drain.  DO NOT USE DRAIN CLEANERS!  Many drain cleaners cause damage to pipes.  Please call in a work order to the leasing office for plugged or slow running drains.


Stainless Steel sinks are very durable and are compatible with any décor.  Listed below, you will find “do’s” and “don’t” for sink care.

  • “do” – clean stainless steel with a household cleanser and a soft towel.
  • “do” – rinse your sink after each use.
  • “don’t” – use your sink as a cutting board or chopping block.
  • “do” – use a soapy water or ammonia-based cleaner.
  • “do” – dry sink with a soft towel to avoid water marks and mineral deposits.
  • “do” – avoid exposing sink to strong chemicals, such as paint removers, oven cleaners, etc.  If contact occurs, quickly flush the surface with water.
  • “don’t” – set hot pans directly into sinks.
  • “don’t” – allow liquid soap or other household cleansers to dry on the surface of the sink since most contain chemical additives which will affect the finish.
  • “don’t” – use products that contain sulfuric or hydrochloric acid.
  • “don’t” – use rubber mats or dishpans in the sink to protect the finish.  Leaving rubber mats or dishpans in the sink can lead to surface rust or possible pitting



When entering the building, please do not hold the door open for anyone.  Ask them to use the telephone entry system to reach the person they are visiting.  Do not prop the entry doors open.  PLEASE DO NOT PULL THE DOOR OPEN WITH YOUR KEY AS THIS DAMAGES THE LOCK.  When driving into or exiting the garage, stop and wait until the door is completely closed.  Always remove the garage door opener and valuables from your car while it is parked in the garage even if only for a short period of time.  Keep your car doors locked at all times.  Management is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Underground parking and parking lots can be a prime target for thieves, predators and vandals. Following are some general parking lot safety tips:

  • When backing out of a parking lot space, be aware of waiting cars, others who are backing out at the same time and other motorists traveling through the lot.
  • Display proper body language that shows that you are aware of any suspicious situations and people.
  • Avoid parking close to large vehicles if possible, as it will decrease your ability to see the area around you.
  • Always remove your valuables and do not leave personal information displayed in your vehicle.
  • Get in the habit of rolling up your car windows and locking your car doors as soon as you get into your car.
  • Always have your keys ready when approaching your car and check the back seat and under the car before getting in.


Residents are asked to make their own arrangements for deliveries.  A “Package Acceptance Addendum” is required as your authorization for the office to accept small UPS and other delivery company packages; however we cannot accept responsibility for these packages.  The packages will be available for pickup only during regular business hours.  We ask that you pick them up as soon as possible.


Door-to-door soliciting is not permitted.  Residents are requested to notify management when solicitors appear on the property.


All apartments are equipped with smoke detectors.  All apartments, hallways, and common areas are also equipped with fire-sprinklers that are heat activated.


We cannot stress enough the importance of having renter’s insurance.  This will cover any damage to your personal belongings, household goods, and the safety of your family and all guests. Your lease and the Minnesota State Law provides that the Owner or the insurance of the Owner does not cover the personal loss of individual’s belongings or injury. If, for example, a water pipe breaks and ruins your living room furniture, your renter’s insurance would cover the cost. The community insurance would not. If a fire started in your apartment due to causes of your own, not only would you be liable for the damage to your apartment and replacement of your household goods, but you would also be liable for the damage to any other apartment affected. It is imperative that you carry enough insurance to cover this type of loss.


Please do not feed the wildlife that frequent the area.  They are beautiful to look at but their bite and flapping wings can be dangerous.  In addition, their droppings may cause illness.  Management is not responsible for illness or injury caused by wildlife.


Tornado Watch – Conditions are such that a tornado might occur.

Tornado Warning – A tornado has been sighted in the area.


  1. Severe Thunderstorm with frequent lightning, heavy rain and strong winds.
  2. Hail
  3. Roaring Noise
  4. Funnel Cloud


  1. Keep your “Eye to the Sky”.
  2. Warning Sirens – The National Weather Bureau will activate sirens if a tornado is sighted in the area.  This will be a steady tone that may be repeated.  Turn your radio or television on to find out what the severe weather situation is and where it is.  An All-Clear signal will be activated when the danger has passed.
  3. Radio/TV – If you are in an area where you can’t hear a siren, or if for some reason it doesn’t sound and the weather appears threatening, turn your radio or television on for the latest weather reports.


Each Spring, check and keep the following items handy:

  • Flashlight (check batteries twice a year)
  • Battery-operated radio
  • Blankets


When a tornado is sighted, you are safer indoors than out.  If outdoors, seek indoor shelter if time permits.  If not, get into a ditch or low-lying area.  Inside Pondview Apartments, go to the garage level.  If there is imminent danger and you cannot get to the ground floor, go into your bathroom.  Stay away from windows.



  1. Do not sit up in bed.
  2. Roll out of bed and crawl to the door on your hands and knees.
  3. Feel the floor and doorknob.  If it is hot, do not open the door.
  4. If the door and doorknob are slightly warm, use caution when opening the door.
  5. If the air above your crawling position is cool and clear, stand to a stooped position.
  6. Go to the bathroom and begin filling the tub with water and wet all your towels.
  7. Use a wet towel as a filter over your face; use the other towels to fill the cracks around the door.
  8. Close off the bathroom vent by stuffing wet towels into it.
  9. Open your windows and go out onto the balcony.  Do not jump.  A Fire Fighter will reach you.
  10. Fill a bucket with water and use it as often as necessary to wet the towels used to seal out the smoke.  Keep the towel on your face wet.
  11. If someone is with you, keep talking to one another.  If you are alone, sing or think about something else.


  1. Determine which direction the smoke is coming from and move away from it.
  2. Can you stoop down and run without being in heavy smoke or do you have to crawl?
  3. Did you have time to get a towel for your mouth and nose?  If not, take shallow breaths in through your mouth and exhale through your nose.
  4. Do not use the elevators.
  5. The fire doors located on each floor will close automatically.  If you must use an alternate stairwell, open the fire doors carefully following the same procedure as the apartment door.
  6. Leave the building swiftly but calmly.

Building 2565 and 2585 use exits as follows:

  • A.    101-110, 201-210 and 301-310 use west wing stairwell.
  • B.    111-120, 211-220 and 311-320 use east wing stairwell.

Building 2575 use exits as follows:

  • A.    101-110, 201-210 and 301-310 use north wing stairwell.
  • B.    111-120, 211-220 and 311-320 use south wing stairwell



A laundry room with coin-operated washers and dryers is centrally located on each level for all residents to use.  Please observe instructions and rules for use of the machines.  Please clean up any soap you may have spilled on your way to or in the laundry room.  Make note of the time when you have started the washer and be prompt in removing your clothing so that the machines will be available for other residents to use.  We cannot be responsible for loss of or damage to your clothing or linens.  Lint filters in the dryers should be cleaned after each load.  Do not overload the machines.  Use of tints and dyes are prohibited.  As a courtesy to other residents, please clean off the machines after use.  Do not leave clothes in the laundry room.  If clothes are left in the laundry room, they will be considered abandoned property.


Bikes, wagons, roller blades, and skateboards, etc. cannot be ridden or used in the hallways or in any of the common areas.  


For the health of all residents and guests, this building is 100% smoke free.



Unauthorized, illegally parked, abandoned, inoperable or unlicensed vehicles may be towed at the discretion of management and at the expense of the owner. All “No-Parking” areas must be observed.  Trucks, buses, campers, boats, trailers and other such vehicles may be parked only with prior written consent from Management in spaces specifically assigned by management. Motorbikes, motor scooters, motorcycles and other similar vehicles are to be driven only on paved surfaces, not to include sidewalks.  They are to be parked only in authorized parking areas.  They are not to be parked in building entrances, apartment halls, and balconies or on the grounds and sidewalks.  Vehicles are not to be washed or repaired in the parking lot or garage area.


You will be assigned a parking spot in the underground parking and given a garage door opener when you move in.  Only your regular driving vehicle and/or bikes may be parked in your parking spot.  Absolutely no vehicle maintenance is allowed. In compliance with the Maplewood Fire Ordinance nothing is allowed in your parking spot except vehicles and/or bikes.  This will be strictly enforced.  If items have to be removed from the garage spots, the items will be considered abandoned property.


Management’s snow removal policy is as follows:

The morning after a 2” snowfall, all vehicles must be moved to the Swimming Pool/Tennis Court side of the parking lot by 8:00 A.M.  The half of the parking lot closest to the buildings will be plowed.  All vehicles must then be moved to the plowed area by 10:00 P.M. and the remaining area of the parking lot will be plowed.


The pool is located in the central area in front of the buildings.  Pool hours are as posted.  An adult (18 years old or older) must accompany all persons under the age of 14.  Guests are allowed in the pool only when accompanied by a resident.  Inflatable rafts, toys and glass containers are not allowed in the pool.  Water wings for small children, however, are acceptable.  Please observe all Rules and Regulations.  The pool rules and regulations are posted in the pool area.  Please review the following rules and regulations with your family members and guests:

Pondview Pool Rules & Hours

  • The pool is open 7 days a week (unless otherwise posted)
  • Everyone under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult (18 or older)
  • Only 2 guests per apartment
  • No diving, running, pushing or rough housing
  • No foul language
  • No glass containers in pool area (cans or plastic containers are ok)
  • Arm “floaties”, inflatable baby seats and life jackets are the only flotation devices allowed.  Air beds, beach balls, etc. are not allowed
  • No smoking in the pool area
  • Be considerate of your neighbors and children who are also enjoying the pool


If you have any questions on anything stated in this handbook or your lease, please feel free to call the office.  We are always happy to assist you. Policies are subject to change by management.  Any resident(s) not abiding by Pondview Apartments rules and policies may have their tenancy terminated.